1st July launch for Polish Toll

Established in France, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, electronic toll collection systems have raised €billions from transiting HGV vehicles in recent years.

Recognising the fiscal benefits of adopting a similar regime, Poland awarded a €1 billion truck tolling contract in October 2010, with an initial launch deadline of July 2011.

Contract winner Kapsch are on target to implement the new toll on 1,758km of the road network on 1st July 2011, with the potential to eventually roll-out up to 8,000km of Polish motorways, highways and smaller roads.

Linked to GPS, onboard systems (when installed) and Tachographs – backed by enforcement units – the toll systems are efficient and relatively easy to enforce, which is one of the primary reasons for their popularity with European politicians.
Allport trailer

The fees will depend on the EURO environment pollution certificate of the engine. For example a heavy truck with EURO 5 certificate will pay PLN 0,27 per one kilometre whilst for the older EURO 2 as much as PLN 0,53 / km will be applied. For example, the cost of a HEAVY TRUCK for the route from Warsaw to the German border will amount up to PLN 260.00 per trip. Today, under the old vignette system the cost is ca PLN 40.00.

Allport is liaising closely with the Polish Road Hauliers Association, making efforts to have costs offset against other taxes, but we are not optimistic and anticipate costs will increase after 1st July.

The final toll rates will be published officially soon. We will keep you informed of developments.

If you have any qiestions on the impending truck toll, or Allport Overland services please get in touch via the contact page.