ACS Heston – Charity Donation to Heathrow Special Needs Centre

As part of the ACS charitable donation programme, on the 10th of January,  Steve Williams, Danielle Gray, Rabia Khatun and Kirsty Cummings, from ACS Heathrow gave a cheque for £2,500 to the trustees for the Heathrow Special Needs Centre.

This charity was formed in 1986 to offer the considerable, proven therapeutic benefits for people with all kinds of disabilities and special needs derive from contact with animals and plants.  People who use the centre include those with multiple and profound learning disabilities, physical and mental disabilities, those recovering from stroke or other serious ailments, the elderly and those affected by dementia.

The centre has over 70 animals: horses, donkeys, goats, pigs, sheep and ducks; as well as a sensory garden and a nature area.  All of our donation will be used to help with daily operating costs – animal feed, vet bills, animal dentist bills, horse rugs and equipment and a farrier.  Further details can be found at

The ACS charitable donation programme means that each quarter a different office chooses a cause close to their heart, and we think this was a truly worthy choice.