New ACS Romania Office Opens

ACS is delighted to announce the opening of our  new office in Romania on 1st August 2015 – Allport Cargo Services Romania, headed up by Mr Alex Avram, Country Manager.

ACS Romania has been created to increase choice, raise efficiency and improve value for money for customers, and will service domestic transport and international freight forwarding needs in and out of Romania, covering road, sea and airfreight services.

Charles McGurin, ACS CEO commented, “ACS has operated to and from Romania for many years and the move to formalise an official presence there forms part of a strategic growth directive and puts us in a position to further improve the level of service offered in the region and demonstrates our commitment to our customers.”

The business is a joint venture with Keswick Enterprises.  ACS is the majority shareholder.

Please contact or your ACS representation for more information.