Air Freight Space – Ex China

China Update: Air Freight Space (November 2015) Many UK Importers may now be experiencing an increase in dwell times at main China hubs due to the annual air freight peak season.  As a result of the peak season being initiated by global electronic product launches and Golden Week volume increases, air cargo capacity from China is at a premium with seasonal rate increases imposed by all carriers.

Eco-Air: ACS Contingency Service With China dwell times on Air Cargo expected to reach 7 – 10 days during peak season, ACS continues to promote our EcoAir service as a viable cost effective solution, with up to 4x weekly  scheduled departures and average transits to the UK of 8 – 10 days.

By leveraging our global network and relationships with premium carriers, ACS revised traditional Sea Air services to create a reliable service that competes with Deferred Air products for price and transit. EcoAir use a tactical blend of sea and air services, with a choice of strategic hubs, to provide the fastest transit times at lowest costs What sets EcoAir apart are the dedicated transhipment hubs in Singapore & Korea and their links with premium air freight carriers. Each hub is an ultra-secure, bonded, dedicated freight centre Operated by dedicated ACS offices / staff (no consolidation with other forwarders), all goods are transferred to special airline pallets, providing an additional level of security and protecting cargo further during the air leg

Rates for our EcoAir services are still very competitive when you consider the route into the UK is usually on a prime carrier, and the cargo always arrives palletised – greatly aiding ground handling and security.

If you have cargo from Shanghai, Qingdao, Xiamen, Beijing, Guangzhou/Shenzhen, contact us today to see how we can help