New Hong Kong Branding

As part of an international re-branding project, rolling out through 2012, Allport Hong Kong launches today, 1st November 2012.

China has been a significant UK trading partner since the 18th century, with Hong Kong playing a pivotal role pre and post it’s colonial ties, producing goods in it’s own right and providing a gateway into mainland China.

Recognising it’s strategic importance early, in 1973 – five years before China unveiled their ground-breaking economic reforms (“Socialism with Chinese characteristics) – Allport Cargo Services began investing in and building it’s own presence in Hong Kong.

Like all Allport Cargo Services’  international hubs, Hong Kong has traded independently. Supporting Allport Cargo Services freight movements, growing our sphere of influence and developing our “Local Knowledge Worldwide.”

Allport Hong Kong joins freight centres in a further 30 countries in adopting our common livery. A visual demonstration of how wide our local knowledge extends.

If you have any questions regarding Allport Hong Kong, you can send us an email and we will respond directly