Cargo Services Group Launches Adjuno

The Cargo Services Group has announced the formation of Adjuno Limited, a merger of ediTRACK Limited, the LIMA Division of Allport Cargo Services SCM in the U.K. and CS Solutions in Hong Kong.

The company’s purpose is to streamline, evolve and focus the development of LIMA, the critical-path management control solution offering PO Management and visibility, and Liberty, the sourcing module which services the retail industry.

Our vision for the future of the Cargo Services Group, mean that we want to increase our total resources and investments have so that we can maintain our leading position in critical path management control, particularly as Liberty is fast becoming a solution for Product Life Management (PLM) among big-scale retailing groups all over the world.

The launch of Adjuno represents an exciting time for all of us, our existing customers, and the industry at large. We have created an international software business that is positioned to compete on a global scale.

The name Adjuno is derived from the Latin word Aduno, meaning ‘Unite’. By uniting these business units within the Cargo Services Group, we are enabling faster development of our  products  to  service  the  international  supply  chain  function, as well as other functions in the retail industry, under a “ Total Retail Solution ” to offer more advanced visibility management for global  coverage.

Today, Adjuno has solutions that cover the extended scope of the international supply chain for retailers from “Concept to Cash”, to “ Source to Shelf ” solutions.

We may also consider the extension of the products to service other industries.

Adjuno will implement a new five-year business strategy and plan, backed by a significant budget. We believe we have a world-class value proposition offering the retail industry better management of their business in the dynamic retail world greatly impacted by online sales demanding a faster response, cutting across the territories and countries.

John Lau, the founder of The Cargo Services Group commented “I believe the future of international supply chain for retailers has to be further supported by technology. Hence, we have started to promote Technology-enabled Supply Chain® about 18 months ago in the industry. It is quite similar to Allport and Cargo Services pioneering the PO Management Visibility Solution some 25 years ago.”

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