First Biomass Boiler Deployed

Allport Packaging – already the proud holders of the group ISO14001 accreditation for their Environmental Management Systems – have further underlined their green credentials with the installation of Allport’s first Biomass boiler.

A Biomass boiler is beneficial because it uses waste products and because the carbon in biomass is part of the natural carbon cycle, having limited long-term effects on the environment, as opposed to traditional fossil fuels which add harmful carbon to the environment.
The installation of the boiler system supports a group wide push to drive down energy use by 70%, and is another environmental initiative by ‘Packaging'; following their tree planting project, to mask activity and reduce site noise, and the Adder protection scheme, which is still seeking its first client!

Powered by off-cuts and scrap from the Silchester packaging factory the boiler supplies heating throughout the 10,000m2 site more effectively than traditional solutions, whilst slashing energy and fuel use.

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