George Going Global

ASDA has announced that it plans to open it’s first overseas George store as it moves to build George into a global business.

George clothing is already sold in Wal-Mart stores in the US, and ASDA intend to use franchise options to sell George in markets where Wal-Mart does not currently trade. By spring next year it is reported that ASDA plan to open two George stores in the Middle East.

Allport’s Supply Chain Management Division has been working with project teams within both George and Asda for Allport Lorry Dubai the past 18 months to ensure that the supply chain network to support this is in place and well as helping to design a sophisticated multi-hub distribution model which can be rolled out globally as the franchises spread.

ediTRACK, an Allport Group company has been chosen to extend its current system for George to manage the movement of product throughout the George franchise network.

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