Home Office approve Allport

Breaching of UK borders by illegal aliens is a continuing issue for the UK Border Agency and of particular concern with the approaching Olympics and heightened terrorist threats.

Allport’s procedures and processes for the prevention of illegal immigrants reaching the UK in Allport vehicles returning from the continent are well established, having been developed over many years.

Following Home Office security audits and inspections, Allport’s systems have been accredited by the UK Border Agency. ”

We have considered the system that Allport has in place for the prevention of the carriage of clandestine entrants and have determined that it is an effective system which meets the requirements of the accreditation scheme.”

Chris Hale, Overland Director, based at Allport’s European freight centre in Sittingbourne commented.

“This Home Office accreditation of the freight centre is very welcome and, following so closely behind HM Revenue & Custom’s approval of our security procedures for AEO status, is a further illustration of our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of security for the protection of our staff and our customers cargo.”

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