Kilometre Charging System in Belgium

From the 1st April 2016, Belgium authorities will be introducing a kilometre charge which potentially could impact almost all  product moved via Dover.

This charge will be applied to commercial vehicles with a gross weight of 3.5 tonnes and over intended to be used to carry goods. The charge will cover the Flanders, Walloon, and capital city regions. Charges will vary depending on the weight of the vehicle and the region it is travelling in.

The kilometre charge will be calculating by fitting an ‘On Board Unit’ (OBU) to all heavy goods vehicles, whether domestic or foreign.  Using satellite technology, the OBU will record the distance travelled and the rate.  Whether or not the vehicle will be driving through the chargeable regions, all relevant vehicles travelling through and around Belgium must be fitted with an OBU and the system must be switched on at all times. Failure to obtain and use an OBU, will result in costly penalties for hauliers.

When we have further details of the scheme, we will let you know.  Until then, please contact your usual ACS representative with any questions, or click on the link below