People, Planet, Profit

Rapid growth of the world’s population and the increasing spread of consumerism has led to greater stresses and strains being put on supply chains all over the world, with rising demand on resources putting major pressure on biodiversity and sustainability.

Customer awareness of green issues and the environment, particularly in the developed economies, means that many brands are working hard to clean up their supply chain, improve environmental practices and develop stronger levels of corporate responsibility.

Increasingly businesses are looking beyond supply chain processes in isolation, focusing on sustainability in all it’s forms. It is a major influence on strategy, operations, workforce engagement and the relationships maintained with consumers and communities.

The relative importance of these issues is highlighted by the prominence given in just a few years by industry associations, events and awards

Across the global retail segment, companies like Marks & Spencer, Walmart and IKEA have adopted sustainability agendas, which reduce their social and environmental impact; setting the benchmarks for the rest of the industry to emulate.

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