Thank you and farewell

As announced on our web site and subsequently reported in the press towards the end of August 2012, Chris Cargill, our Managing Director, decided to take early retirement and therefore tendered his resignation from the Allport Cargo Services Group with a six month notice period.

Chris Cargill

Chris Cargill

During these past six months, relations between Chris and his colleagues have remained very amicable and Chris has played an important part in the ongoing development of Allport Cargo Services, globally

This notice period is now about to expire and therefore I should like to confirm that Chris will be leaving the business on 24th February 2013.

Chris has been a key employee and Director through 40 plus years and the board and I would like to acknowledge and thank him for all his efforts and successes in the business through this period.

We now wish him and Linda a very happy retirement.

Will Toye
Joint Managing Director
Allport Cargo Services