The Original Factory Shop enable growth with Allport’s LIMA system

The Original Factory Shop is one of the fastest growing retailers in the UK, offering a wide range of merchandise from clothing to homewares and electrical goods; toys to beauty and fragrance – all at discounted prices.

Despite the current economic climate The Original Factory Shop is one of the UK’s fastest growing retailers, increasing sales by 73% and the number of stores has increased by 62% in the last two years and a further 35 new stores are planned for 2011. The Original Factory Shop has reported double-digit profit growth in 2010, for the fifth year in a row.

Due to their rapid growth, The Original Factory Shop were looking for a supply chain solution to provide visibility and control of their inbound international shipments. Following a review, Allport’s LIMA system was selected. LIMA ‘Logistics Information Management Application’ is much more than just a track and trace system, LIMA has given The Original Factory Shop end-to-end clarity of their supply chain network, with traceability, monitoring, event control and performance measurement. LIMA works with real-time transparency to help The Original Factory shop run a connected, efficient and responsive International supply chain. All key information is visible and available in one place allowing The Original Factory Shop, with Allport as their business partner, to respond effectively to disruptions, improvement opportunities and demand changes.

“Allport’s LIMA system has given us the visibility, reliability and confidence to grow our imports by over 25% in the last year alone. Allport’s and our supply chain management teams have been magnificent, developing the necessary structure for our imports, helping us deliver a record breaking business growth.” Patrice Haworth, Supply Chain Co-ordinator

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