Bridging the ethical trading gap

Protecting your reputation

Ethical Trading is a hot topic that is on the agenda of most, if not every Retail Supply Chain conference.

Increasingly retailers are working hard to ensure their end-to-end supply chain is ethically compliant.

There are multiple discussions surrounding working conditions in factories, sub factories, mills and cotton farms.

But what about the critical point in the supply chain where you, the retailer, takes ownership of the goods?

What about the handling of your product by logistics providers beyond the factory gate, and prior to arrival at the end distribution?

There is a growing focus on reducing costs alongside global programmes for ‘Direct to Market’. As a result, there is an increase in freight and product related services being off shored including; Consolidation, QC, Pick and Pack, further resulting in higher volumes of product and cargo passing through third party and off shore facilities.

This could mean the investment retailers are putting into monitoring and improving working conditions through the manufacturing process is then compromised when products are being handled in poor working conditions in freight and processing facilities.

Our clients don’t need to worry about this.

Allport Cargo Services are the only provider in our sector, that are members of the Ethical Trading Initiative, implementing a global Ethical Compliance Programme that guarantees our workers rights and conditions across all consolidation and added-value centres.

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To manage and support this initiative as it expands, is our ethical compliance programme ‘ETHOS’

Further underpinning our commitment to ethical processes, is the product we use from our software partner ediTRACK.

Its ‘Lighthouse Ethical Trade’ is a cloud based application that is delivering best practice ways of working as it’s been built in conjunction with experienced retailers.

‘Lighthouse Ethical Trade’ manages tasks such as; Supplier and
Factory profiling, multi-tier relationships and the management of Audit requirements including Corrective Actions. It also includes advanced functionality such as extensive ‘finger tip’ reporting capabilities plus a highly visual performance reporting tool to manage, define and communicate ethical strategy.

Linking ‘Lighthouse’ with our own ‘LIMA’ (Logistics Information Management Application) system provides us and our clients with complete ethical transparency across the integrated supply chain, including full visibility of risk ratings, outstanding issues and relationships between live factories.

Operating our Ethical Compliance Programme in partnership with ediTRACK’s ‘Lighthouse’ means that our clients ‘bridge the ethical gap’. Significantly reducing the risk of any damaging incidents all the way along our joint supply chain.

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