Mauritius Update: Accessing the SMTS Air freight rebate scheme:

Enterprise Mauritius are currently announcing details of the air freight rebates scheme to Mauritius based textile and apparel exporters, thus allowing exporters to claim a rebate on air freight costs invoiced locally.
As such it is expected to result in exporters requesting to change incoterms in order to access the rebate.

From 1st April, Allport Cargo Services recommends that buyers allow suppliers to prepay freight locally, adding the Freight Charges (Net of Rebate) to the Suppliers Invoice as a Freight Charge, effectively making terms CPT UK Airport.

This method avoids the need to renegotiate current FOB unit pricing, and allows suppliers and UK Importers to access the rebated freight rate.

It is important that UK importers retain control and visibility, so please stress that any agreement to prepay freight is based on the stipulation that ACS must be used as the nominated carrier.

Summary information recently published by;

The Air Freight Rebate Scheme which will be known as the Speed-to-Market Scheme (STMS). The STMS will provide a 40% refund on basic Air Freight cost for Textile and Apparel exports to Europe including UK.

The Scheme aims at giving a boost to Textile and Apparel exports to European countries and to enhance product delivery in terms of Speed-to-Market. Moreover, the Scheme will enhance the competitiveness of Mauritian exports vis-à-vis other competing countries exporting via air freight to Europe.

The Scheme:
• Applies to enterprises operating in the Textile and Apparel sector only
• Is on a 40% refund basis to relevant exporters
• Is time-bound for 2 years only
• Is operated and managed by Enterprise Mauritius
• The refund will be applicable to exports effected as from 1st April 2017

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