Community versus the Crowd

Technology has already fundamentally changed the way we interact – both one-to-one, and as a group. A community used to be a collection of people brought together through interests and proximity.  Today, technology and social media means that people connect with friends …Continue reading »

Omni-channel – It’s all about Convenience

Omni-channel – Its all about Convenience    The Retail sector is currently undergoing a transformation the likes of which it has never previously experienced. This is being driven by two major factors.  Firstly, globalisation; the rise of the middle classes and disposable …Continue reading »

The Low Sulphur Surcharge

The Low Sulphur Surcharge Explained Carriers are introducing a new LSS (Low Sulphur Surcharge) for all cargo with load port, transhipment and/or discharge port in ECA (Emission Control Areas). Background The international Maritime Organisation (IMO) is the United Nations specialised agency with …Continue reading »