Thailand Customs Announcement

Mandatory ‘SHIPPING MARK’ Declaration for all THAILAND inbound & outbound

Effective from 13th November  2017,  it will become mandatory as per HM Customs laws

(Referring: Customs Act in Royal Thai Government Gazette 2017, Section 211) for

‘SHIPPING MARK’ to be correctly declared on HBL/MBL and all relevant shipping documents

i.e. Invoices, Packing lists and applicable Customs privilege forms (FTA).

The details of SHIPPING MARK on documents must therefore be exactly the same information available on the shipment.

 A penalty is not exceeding THB 50,000.- (subject to customs discretion) per case will be imposed to importer and/or exporter who fail to comply with the above-mentioned

Customs regulation.

ACS Thailand team would appreciate your support to extend this by-law requirement to

your affiliates to strictly adhere to.

Ultimately, NO MARK is not allowed for Thailand, and it will lead to a penalty also.

Should you require further assistance please contact the below: