China eCommerce

Top tips for making fashion retail work online in China 1. Channel strategy: This is a critical point for all businesses, whether entering into or continuing to grow within the Chinese online market as the business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer channels such as Tmall, …Continue reading »

WWF on sustainable supply chains

The rapid growth of the world’s population has led to greater stresses and strains being put on supply chains all over the world, from fashion retailers to supermarkets. This rising demand on resources is putting major pressure on biodiversity and as a …Continue reading »

Consumers changing supply chains

Changing consumer attitudes are impacting the way goods are manufactured and how they make their way to the shop shelves or the warehouses of online business. The process of making goods and getting them to the places where they are required can …Continue reading »

Collaboration across supply chains

With resources becoming more and more scarce and costs increasing dramatically for consumers and retailers alike, the promotion of collaboration throughout the supply chain and improved management practices are needed. That is the opinion of The Boston Consulting Group. Who believe that …Continue reading »

Supply Chain Strategy in China

China’s logistics industry is still on an aggressive development curve. However there are plenty of quality operators able to support international brands with their physical logistics requirements. Download our white – Retail Supply Chain Strategy for International Brands in China