Live Tracking

Live Tracking

Live Tracking

Online tools

Allport Cargo Services Live is your gateway to a wide range of interactive services that you can access online.

Quick Lookup

You can use the quick lookup service to access shipment information without having to register or logon. For security reaons, only a limited set of data is available.

Shipment Tracking

You can access all kinds of information about your shipments by registering for the service. This service includes alerts for new shipments, status checks and summary reporting by week, month and year.

Supply Chain Management

Our premium online service. Our internet based supply chain tracking systems provide total inventory visibility and control throughout the supply chain, supporting management by exception and optimising transport. For more information, including logon details, please contact your Allport representative.

Workflow Management Server

Our specialist warehouse and distribution services are designed to accomodate the needs of the most the high-tech, telecommunication and automotive industries