Ethical Compliance

CEO’s Statement:

Allport Cargo Services was founded and has operated on the guiding principle of absolute customer focus and being the best service provider in our industry. Being the best means ensuring that our customers can rely upon us not to be a part of any corrupt, unethical or illegal activities. This is why we have our Anti Bribery and Corruption policy which applies to all our staff, partners, associates, subsidiaries and sub-contractors and which is a mandatory requirement.

The policy is one which I have personally agreed and support 100% and would emphasise is an absolute requirement if someone wants to work for, or with, ACS. We impose a high standard but feel that high standards bring high performance and high quality in both service and staff and it is an area we cannot and will not compromise upon.

We do though recognise that in the areas in which we operate pressure can be applied to our staff and third parties engaged by us by people whose standards do not match ours. This is why we have a Whistleblower policy provided by a third party which has the resources to deal with calls from a variety of countries in a large number of languages. This resource will allow us to protect and investigate issues across the globe to make sure our staff and third parties are safe and feel supported and know that their compliance with our policies will be supported.

The ACS Executive Board reviews Anti-Bribery and Corruption matters on a monthly basis, demonstrating the importance placed on our Group’s compliance with the policy.


Charles signiture




Charles McGurin,

CEO, ACS Group




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