Ethical Trading & Environmental Protection

We take our responsibilities very seriously

Ethical Trading

Allport Cargo Services commitment to creating a safe, fair and socially responsible working environment has seen us become the first company in our sector to join the Ethical Trading Initiative – a ground breaking alliance of retailers, trade unions and voluntary organisations representing 160 million workers worldwide.

Having adopted the ETI base code, a programme of independent audits has been introduced to measure Ethical and Social compliance within our global network.

Our customers, colleagues and the experience we can draw from within the ETI will determine how our program evolves. We hope this pro-active approach will encourage and inspire our competitors to adopt similar values and in time help increase the logistics industries representation within the ETI.

Our Commitment

  1. Employment is freely chosen
  2. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected
  3. Working conditions are safe and hygienic
  4. Child labour shall not be used
  5. Living wages are paid
  6. Working hours are not excessive
  7. No discrimination is practised
  8. Regular employment is provided
  9. No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

The systems created by Adjuno, our software subsidiary, to support our ethical strategy are now available externally. Web-based solutions that help build a trusted supplier network; with audit profiles, results and corrective actions on a platform that enables collaboration and sharing best-practice.

The Environment

Protection of the external environment and our internal working environment is part of Allport Cargo Services’ values and principles. It is a main board responsibility and an important part of the way in which we do business.”

We understand the impact our activities have on the environment and proactively work to mitigate those areas that we can influence, including road transport operations, manufacturing and facilities.

Development of an environmental management system and its subsequent ISO 14001 accreditation demonstrates that our commitment is action oriented.

We continue to implement and investigate ways in which we can have a positive impact on our environment


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