Freight solutions for recyclable products

Transport services for the global recycling industry

Recycling exports to the EU have been relatively unchanged over the last ten years, while exports to China have grown tenfold over the same period.

Exporting our recyclables is a better environmental option because:

  • It minimises the need to use our natural resources such as oil
  • Using recycled materials significantly reduces energy use and carbon emissions during the manufacturing process
  • Transport impacts are reduced because the materials are loaded in container that would otherwise ship empty
  • Reduces land-fill

Our Tilbury based recycling team provide effective, competitive transport solutions for recyclable goods and help you with:

  • Product-specific equipment provision
  • Shipment management
  • Letter of credit consultancy
  • Documentation

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If you want to speak to the recycling team now simply call Lee Weir on 01375 487700

Material Reprocessed in the UK Reprocessed Abroad
Paper 49% 51%
Glass 81% 19%
Aluminum 66% 34%
Plastic 33% 67%
Metal 45% 55%


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