Local Knowledge - Global Network

416 Offices - 132 Countries - 19,639 Colleagues


The Allport Global Network

We have always believed that Local Knowledge is invaluable, which is why since 1963 we have been building relationships and investing in our global network. Today Allport Cargo Services extend to 30 countries, with representation in a further 100.

You use the map above to access location detail directly or the tools on the left to filter or drill down, to explore our network coverage and capability.

NOTE - You can access full contact details for our United Kingdom locations only. Please contact us if you have any questions or require information for locations outside the United Kingdom.

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The Key Facts

  • Asia - 111 Offices
  • Europe - 161 Offices
  • Middle East - 18 Offices
  • North Africa - 19 Offices
  • North America - 53 Offices
  • Oceania - 9 Offices
  • South Africa - 23 Offices
  • South America - 22 Offices