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From P3 to 2M: a China story

From P3 to 2M: a China story

Scaled-down ambition of Maersk and MSC means Beijing’s rejection would be unprecedented, but not unthinkable

THE world’s three largest container carriers were about to form a gigantic network that could control more than one-third of main deep-sea trades an...

China airports; chaos expected

China airports; chaos expected

News sources in China are indicating that a series of military exercises in the East China Sea, expected to last until 15th August, will impose 'air traffic restrictions, which have a real potential of causing flight delays and cancellations.

No official notice of any anticipated delay...

UK Government ill-informed

UK Government ill-informed

The UK government’s logistics knowledge has come under scrutiny following research released this week by the Independent Transport Commission.

The report finds that whole areas of government have little understanding of the impact of the logistics industry on sectors regulated by...

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Supply Chain News on Whirlpool Wins Major Ruling Against Imports in Rarely Used Filing, so will Others Follow Suit

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Green Supply Chain News on Former CEO of Asda Grocery Chain in UK Tells Retailers, Manufacturers to Get Rid of Plastics Right Now

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What has China's president Xi Jinping achieved so far?

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Datalogic announces the Rhino II Vehicle Mount Computer

Datalogic, the automatic data capture and industrial automation solutions provider, has introdu... Continue reading »