Sea Air re-invented

Premium - Flexible - Reliable - Smarter

‘Eco Air’ is a new service concept designed to compete directly with ‘direct air’ on service and ‘deferred air’ on price and transit; a truly cost effective option for distressed sea freight

We believe that for too long shippers have often been paying too much for traditional air freight services and particularly deferred services which are slow, volatile and often vulnerable to theft and damage in secondary and tertiary transit hubs.

Which is why Allport Cargo Services have developed ‘ECO Air’: A totally new solution based on the traditional Sea Air concept; designed to compete directly with direct premium carriers on service and deferred air services on price and transit.

A truly cost effective and efficient option ‘ECO Air’ offers a blend of rapid ocean and premium air freight legs from the Far East and south-east Asia to Europe and UK, with dedicated transhipment hubs in Singapore and Korea, to provide:

  • Fastest transit times
  • Lowest costs
  • Premium carriers
  • Reliable, flexible solutions
  • Ultra-secure transhipment hubs

Download Eco Air rate and transit comparisons or contact directly us now to find out what you could save



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