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Specialised transport, storage and processing

Over 10 million garments are processed each year by Allport Cargo Services, for leading retailers, including FCUK, Next, New Look and George.

Garments are received into our consolidation centres, which are humidity controlled and dust proofed, and stored on racks ready for delivery or export. Garments are sorted by Style, Colour and Size and a general inspection takes place to ensure that there is no damage. Increasingly functions are being conducted further up the supply chain for efficiency and cost reasons. We provide a range of support services at our origin freight stations:

  • Full QC Operation
  • Wash Care Testing
  • Garment Inspection
  • Fabric Inspection
  • Pick/Pack/Ticketing
  • Bar Coding and labelling
  • Slip Sheeting

Once ready for shipment a metal frame is constructed inside the container and a bar system installed for hanging garments. By consolidating garments and then transporting them in these specially constructed full container loads and air freight pallets we can remove a significant amount of UK re-processing from the supply chain – speeding up availability of product.

Allport Cargo Services provide comprehensive garment processing facilities at Heathrow, with capacity for 150,000 hanging garments.

  • Steam tunnels
  • Bagging machines
  • Dolly presses
  • Sealing machines
  • Quality control
  • Remedial work
  • Pick and pack eeting

For more information on fashion logistics or prices simply email Paul Kelly.


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