The optimum route to Turkey

Save 10% and lower emissions

Beginning operations in June 2014 our Turkey Rail service offers a 10% cost saving on most conventional road services and reduces emissions, without impacting transit time.

Fixed day departures operate between Istanbul and Cologne, where an ACS’ dedicated shuttle fleet move the inter-modal trailers and containers to and from the UK, in under than 12 hours.

The service offers:-
• Lower cost transport
• Reduced CO2 emissions
• Security
• Same transit time as conventional road
• Fixed weekly departures

Turkish rail service

The transit time is 6.5 days between Cerkezkoy to Cologne and the service is greener and more secure – no overnights in trailer parks.

Shippers can select trailers or 45’ containers with the reliability and speed of block trains.

Reefers, hanging garments or double-deck – also available.

Download the Rail service flyer or contact us directly now for prices and bookings.



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