Added value Pick Pack solutions

Providing efficiencies and cost savings

Allport Cargo Services co-ordinate shipments from multiple origin points into the stock handling area of the nominated freight centre, where trained staff can conduct quality control checks, inventory updates and arrange despatch in accordance with the customers call-off protocol. Pick Pack operations range from the very simple to fully inclusive, for those importers who want to reduce their overheads by dispensing with internal shipping, warehouse, stock control, and despatch operations.

  • Customised pick pack solutions
  • Bulk pick and sort
  • Pallet location – take store to stock
  • All forward pick face
  • Reserve to forward – forward to reserve
  • Current season forward (incl replen)
  • Improve Pick/walk efficiency
  • Flow racking
  • Drive in racking
  • Manage ex factory presentation/flows
  • X-doc/ratio packs
  • Daily store replenishment
  • WMS
  • Move quality check upstream

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