EAS Tagging at Source

  • We provide the worlds best-practice EAS security tagging, offering a low-cost solution with financial and operational benefits
  • ACS Reverse Logistics supplies EAS tags to be applied at source (point of garment manufacture), reducing high in-store labour costs and garment damage
  • Secured product moves through supply chain and retailer distribution network before arriving in-store, ready for immediate merchandising
  • Supply chain shrinkage is reduced with improved visual deterrent and eliminating ‘back door’ theft by staff
  • Improved sales through floor ready product being merchandised immediately, no delays waiting for goods to be tagged
  • All staff can now perform customer services roles to aid customer experience
  • After purchase, tags are collected and returned to our global reuse centre for sortation, QC and repacking to begin next cycle
  • ACS will manage the entire process; from manufacturer to completion of each cycle


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