solvupTM technology

  • solvup is an industry-wide platform that assists the handling of apparently faulty goods through retail stores, online or over the phone
  • Designed to ensure the best customer service and sustainability outcomes while minimising supply chain costs
  • Using the solvup software platform, your staff are empowered to confidently move returned products through a troubleshooting, repair or replace system
  • Streamlined process reduces unnecessary product returns, products piling up back of house, claims paperwork and administration calls, while at the same time delivering a very positive outcome for your customers
  • Customer Experience – trouble shooting and repair platform means product issues can be resolved for customers quickly, efficiently and consistently. If a product is found to be faulty integrated platform can book a courier and schedule the nearest authorised repairer. The whole process tracked and monitored by both staff and customersCost Saving – solvup empowers your retail staff to solve customer issues at front of store. Providing access to data that defines reasons for return. With Valuable product and consumer data you are able to make more informed decisions on future product sourcing


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