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In 1992 Allport Cargo Services were the first forwarder to appreciate the need for supply chain management services and the first to respond to that need.

Today, ACS have the largest dedicated supply chain management team based in the UK – fifty five – focused solely on client management, support by SCM colleagues positioned in all the major global sourcing regions. Supply chain management team

Working in conjunction with our operational divisions, the supply chain management team offer the additional layers of visibility, support and pro-active management needed by today’s complex international supply chain networks.

Our solutions are built to be client specific and we work hard to understand our customers’ businesses and the environments they operate in.


Allport Cargo Services’ supply chain management system, offers much more than track-and-trace. Internally developed, it’s a web-based solution providing real-time visibility, with product flow controlled from PO placement through vendor management to UK delivery.

SMART Supply Chain Management

Developed in conjunction with leading retailers specifically addresses supply chain issues in the retail environment. Breaking the ‘silo’ mentality and cost-centre approach, SMART concentrates attention on margins; and, examining the entire supply chain, gives a business centric motivation to global sourcing.

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