Vendor management

To ensure that your products are available when and where you want them, and in the right quantities, Allport Cargo Services and our global partners have a comprehensive supplier management programme. When your PO data is uploaded into LIMA – subject to your security protocols – it is instantly visible, anywhere in the world, and our partners can see it. Using your information, and your operating procedures, we liaise and work with your suppliers, ensuring that production is on track, your QA or gold seal procedures are complied with and that your, specified, shipping dates are met. LIMA shows you immediately what progress has been made and instantly alerts you should there be any problems. Early knowledge of all the issues ensures that you can act pro-actively if corrections are necessary.

We also have extensive experience of instituting consolidation programmes, working with suppliers to ensure proper equipment utilisation and loading – all to make product flow more efficient and effective.

If you would like more information on our Vendor Management services please email Clyde Buntrock.


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