World Duty Free Group

World Duty Free Group

Collaborative solution lands joint award nominations

Word Duty Free Group and Allport Cargo Services have been jointly short-listed for two industry awards

One of the world’s leading travel retailers World Duty Free Group has 500 stores in 21 countries and is committed to grow its market share, with the stated ambition of trading in all the world’s top airports.

An effective and efficient supply chain is a critical success factor in achieving this ambition.

When the main UK DC, serving Heathrow and other key channels, started experiencing disruption from un-booked supplier deliveries, the supply chain’s efficiency was threatened.

In consultation with WDFG, ACS devised a solution that would eradicate congestion and reward participating suppliers by reducing their cost to serve.

ACS now intercept all WDFG inbound shipments, which are moved on arrival to the ACS Heathrow freight centre, for consolidation into single DC deliveries.

Multiple un-booked deliveries have been replaced by regular fixed-time deliveries, reducing inefficiencies and resource costs at the DC, while economy of scale savings are shared with suppliers.

This simple, but effective, solution has been short-listed in the forthcoming SHD logistics awards in the ‘Improvement’ and ‘Innovation’ categories.

Established in 1957, SHD Magazine is firmly established as the leading publication for the logistics sector, covering the key disciplines that executives explore when optimising the flow of goods through their extended supply chains, to the point of use. It is a must-read magazine for today’s logistics and supply chain directors.

Employing some 2.3 million people across 196,000 companies, the logistics sector makes a significant contribution to the nations economic output and well-being. To be held at the Park Lane Hotel, on Thursday 20th March 2014, the SHD Logistics Awards will recognise the “best in class” companies within the logistics and supply chain sectors, across a wide range of categories.