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  • ACS Reverse Logistics is a joint venture company between Allport Cargo Services and Australian based reverse logistics experts TIC.

    Reverse logistics is a major issue affecting retailers today – it’s vital to minimise freight and logistics costs, response times, administration and environmental impact. Returns must be dealt with efficiently: whether they are faulty, damaged, recalled, expired or not fit for purpose.

    Consumers demand pain-free returns solutions – retailers risk losing competitive advantage due to a poor returns experience. Logistics and customer services therefore have to be truly integrated to make the process seamless.

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Our Four Core Products

Clients choose a comprehensive combination of all four core products, others use one or two elements to complement their own returns solution:

Solvup Technology – An industry wide platform that assists the handling of apparently faulty goods through retail stores, online or over the phone.

Central Returns Centre – This centralised approach streamlines the entire returns process, giving retailers back space, time and money.

Asset Recovery – Asset Recovery is the link between end markets and retail returns, end of line and clearance products across a variety of product categories.

EAS Tagging at Source – Best-practice model of applying hard tags at source and protecting goods through the supply chain and reducing high instore labour costs.

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