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  • Allport Cargo Services’ unique proposition for supply chain management combines experience, knowledge and resources. Our primary objective is to make our customers’ lives simpler and, by continuingly investing in people and services, we work to maintain and build long lasting partnerships.  It is true to say that we count many of our customers as “old friends”.

    Our solutions are built to be client specific. We work hard to understand our customers’ businesses and the environments they operate in. We deliver supply chain solutions that streamline processes and drive efficiencies ensuring that our customers’ supply chain provides competitive advantage. We enable you to deploy resources strategically, focusing on development and business-centric activities rather than day-to-day operations.

    Our Supply Chain Management team is the largest of its kind in the industry, offering our customers unrivalled levels of expertise and customer service. Working in conjunction with our operational divisions, the supply chain management team offers the additional layers of visibility, control and proactive management needed by today’s complex global supply chain networks.

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  • Process Mapping and Network modelling

    Many companies struggle to maintain effectiveness and governance as processes complexity increase as their businesses grow. Allport Cargo Services have the expertise to help organisations balance business expansion with supply chain efficiency.

    We can carry out a confidential review, mapping the current end-to-end process and detailing suggested changes that could be introduced to enhance the supply chain network. We will ensure that all processes, task ownership and time frames are fully understood through the development and implementation of a critical path. For Allport Cargo Services, the process map is the story of how a product moves through purchase, manufacture and transportation systems to warehousing and delivery. We will help you ensure that your supply chain is connected, efficient and responsive, enabling you to focus on your core business activities.

    Our supply chain engineers are experienced in modeling inventory flows to design the optimum route to market across your SKU range and categories. They can balance  responsiveness against risk and develop a range of “what if” scenarios allowing our retail customers to form balanced views of future supply chain development.

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  • Direct Sourcing

    As buyers move away from third party purchasing, alternative sources of supply are often found on a global basis, through a large number of vendors in multiple countries.

    Allport Cargo Services support companies looking to start or increase direct factory sourcing in many ways.  Our global network coupled with our Supply Chain Management system LIMA allow buyers to have every confidence when placing orders with off shore suppliers. We can support the entire process of sourcing and product development and manage the subsequent stages from purchase order through to shipment authorisation, all the way to your warehouse, store door or to your final customer. LIMA provides tailored visibility of processes to any nominated user – buyer, merchandiser, imports or finance teams and any other stakeholders. For example, Finance may require to track possible expenditure and cash flow implications, balancing UK landed with direct costs. Marketing may want to see what products are in the pipeline, while your warehouse may review packing lists, whilst goods are still in transit. Our solutions put you in control, affording increased margin points on product without excessive overhead.

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  • Vendor management

    To ensure that your products are available in the right place, at the right time and in the right quantities, Allport Cargo Services have a comprehensive supplier management programme encompassing vendor induction, compliance and PO management. When your PO is uploaded into LIMA – subject to your security protocols – it is instantly visible anywhere in the world. Using agreed operating procedures, we liaise and work with your suppliers, ensuring that production is on track, your QA or gold seal procedures are complied with and your specified shipping dates are met. LIMA provides real time supply chain information and allows process management by exception, enabling proactive decisions to be made.

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  • Consultancy

    Allport Cargo Services have a wealth of global supply chain experience. We work to ensure that our customers achieve exceptional efficiency throughout their entire supply network. Our expertise is unrivalled in the areas of sourcing, product development and management, vendor and order management, freight and route configuration, CFS, hub and carrier management as well as contract logistics. Our colleagues can be retained to work with you on specific tasks or on large scale transformation projects to redesign and optimise your entire supply chain.

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