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  • Working at ACS doesn’t feel like a job to me, it’s such a fun, hardworking place of work that I truly have a passion for. I have made so many friends and I’m having such a positive experience within my time here. I’ve learnt many things about myself and really grown as a person as well as an employee.
    Olivia Bowden

    Administration Clerk (Southampton)

  • I have joined ACS just under a year ago and in my 30 odd years of working in the industry, it was an amazing experience to be involved in this company. The entrepreneurial approach and the dedication to our customers is second to none and I have not seen this before in any of my previous employers. Motivated staff and many, very experienced people who manage a great brand in the forwarding industry. I certainly have been very welcome here and got all the support I needed to be successful in my role. It’s never easy to start a new challenge, but ACS made me feel, that the integration into this brilliant team was made in a very professional way. I am looking forward to a great future within ACS and the growth of our network in the coming years.
    Christian Weber

    Network Executive Director (Cowley)

  • Whilst working here I have felt part of a team and very welcomed too with a friendly atmosphere and no one judges you we all share what knowledge we have, and I have gained more experience into the industry and I have shared my knowledge as well. The people are extremely nice and everyone helps each other and the managers / team leaders are approachable and friendly and you receive a positive feedback which makes you work better and makes you feel positive. I look forward to learning more and progressing in the very near future. Whilst working here I have had my own key account to work on which has given me more experience into what the customers needs are and working with them to give them all they need. In the 19 years of working this is the nicest friendliest places to work and be and I look forward to moving into more roles very soon.
    David Crook

    Senior Import Coordinator (Heston)

  • I joined ACS in 2017 in an import operational role coordinating import shipments. From the day I started, I was made to feel part of the team. Everyone in the team are friendly, polite and extremely knowledgeable. The culture at ACS encourages and supports you to widen your learning scope with the right training allowing you to grow within the organisation. ACS also put a huge emphasis on teamwork, which is extremely helpful during busy periods as everyone is willing to assist. I work with a bunch of talented people with an amazing passion to work and an energy that is very infectious.
    Mark Liddle

    Import Co-ordinator (Heston)

  • I have been working for ACS since May 2018. I am enjoying my time here and I work with a great supportive team. One of the best aspects of working at ACS is the Culture - very warm, supportive and friendly. What I have found motivating is that ACS encourages ideas from staff to help make improvements to all levels of the business and has a great employee recognition scheme to recognise outstanding performance
    Meera Thakrar

    Talent Acquisition Manager (Cowley)